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21-100 employees

Room 214 is a growth studio that provides its clients with services such as content marketing, creative design, and social and search engine marketing. As the only full-time data strategist on the company's data team of two, Max Morganfield has his hands full.

Room 214 needs to collect, analyze, and report on performance data for its clients' paid social and all of its other marketing channels. "Stitch's Facebook Ads and Google Ads integrations give us the flexibility and reliability we needed to do that for all of our clients," Morganfield says.

The company uses Stitch and other tools to automate getting client data into a Panoply data warehouse. "We set everything up within a week, and since then we've gone through multiple iterations to get costs lower and make sure we're collecting exactly what we need and nothing more. Stitch's field-level selection flexibility has been key to keeping our row ingestion manageable and to get the exact information we're looking for. Stitch has saved us countless hours compared to what it would take to manually export the data."

Morganfield says Stitch's documentation has been "extremely helpful when we start working with new data sources. I even reference it regardless of where we collect data from so I can better understand the APIs."

The small size of Room 214's data team means the agency depends on software to automate data collection. They need to minimize the time they spend on ETL and data warehouse upkeep so they can spend more time on BI and reporting — which leads to a request: "We hope Stitch adds more digital marketing data sources, please!"

Stitch's Facebook Ads and Google Ads integrations give us the flexibility and reliability we needed.

Max Morganfield

Data Strategist

Marketing agency automates data collection with Stitch

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