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21-100 employees

What they love about Stitch

The ability to build their own integrations

Dylan Baker, business intelligence and analytics lead at Growth Street, was setting up the company's first BI stack a few months ago. "We needed a tool that could sync all of our third-party data sources (Salesforce, HubSpot, Intercom, Google AdWords) with our Redshift data warehouse efficiently and cost-effectively. We also needed the ability to build our own integrations for more niche data sources."

Baker says Growth Street evaluated Stitch side by side with four other cloud ETL platforms. "We chose Stitch because it had high coverage of all our data sources," he says. "Another big differentiator was the cost compared to alternatives; Stitch proved to be really cost-effective for us. And Singer was also a big plus for us."

Stitch data integrations are powered by Singer, an open source standard the company developed for writing scripts that move data. Singer integrations are free for anyone to use, regardless of whether they're a Stitch customer, and Singer’s extensibility allows Stitch to connect to any data source.

"At the time we had a data team of one," Baker says. "It only took me a few days to set everything up and be able to provide data to people across our business. We used Stitch to sync all of our data into our data warehouse, then used dbt and Sinter to build our production models, which were consumed by end users.

"Stitch saved us weeks compared to the time it would have taken to build our own tool in-house, inevitably debugging infrastructure we would have built ourselves," Baker says. "It also saved us thousands of dollars relative to what direct competitors charge.

"And we've saved weeks of time by being able to use [Stitch implementation partner] Fishtown Analytics to build Singer integrations for sources that weren't already in Stitch. We've just started the implementation of our third Singer tap via Fishtown."

Stitch saved us weeks compared to the time it would have taken to build our own tool in-house. It also saved us thousands of dollars relative to what direct competitors charge.

Dylan Baker

Business Intelligence and Analytics Lead

Growth Street saves time and money replicating data to Redshift

Baker says, "I've been really impressed by how receptive Stitch staff have been to feedback from us. They have frequently reached out to chat about how the product could be improved, and it's been really great to see really useful features implemented shortly after."

Growth Street has some interesting use cases in its near future. "We've just started using Stitch's webhook functionality to log records in our warehouse that confirm each time data was loaded. This is really useful for us, used in conjunction with datagroups in Looker. We've also been trialling pushing data to Amazon S3 via Stitch, which is going to be increasingly useful for us as we increase our usage of Redshift Spectrum."

As the company moves ahead, Baker says, "We fully intend to continue using Stitch as a key part of our BI stack. Stitch gives us a high quality of service at a fraction of the cost it would be with another provider."

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