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21-100 employees

Billie, a fintech startup based in Berlin, provides growing businesses a fast, simple way to access capital. In addition to its factoring services, Billie offers a pay-after-delivery product for B2B online merchants.

Igor Chtivelband, Billie's vice president for data, says the company relies on a Snowflake data warehouse as the single source of truth for calculations of various key performance indicators (KPI), including customer acquisition costs. These KPIs are calculated based on data from multiple sources, including Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, and production databases. The trick was to replicate the data from all of those sources to the data warehouse.

"We evaluated several tools for extracting data about Google Ads campaigns," Chtivelband says. "Stitch had the best Google Ads connector. The 'click-only' process of configuring replication from Google Ads to Snowflake was simple and intuitive — in theory it could be done by marketing people without involvement of the data engineers. The whole process took a couple of days, which made our BI team and other internal stakeholders happy."

Chtivelband was also impressed by Stitch's support team. "I had a question for the support team regarding the historical data backload and was amazed by how quick and comprehensive was the reply. The readiness of Stitch's support engineers really impressed me."

The readiness of Stitch's support engineers really impressed me.

Igor Chtivelband

Vice President for Data

Fintech firm factors in Stitch

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