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Saved 30 to 50% of the time they would have spent manually exporting data

IMGE is a digital media agency based in Alexandria, Virginia. It works on technical design, branding, and messaging for projects in areas like corporate advocacy and political strategy. The company doesn't have a data team, so Vice President of Client Services Ryan Lyk handles the data infrastructure in addition to duties that include overseeing client teams, providing strategic guidance, improving operations, and ensuring client retention and satisfaction.

IMGE needed affordable and reliable ETL, and with all of his other responsibilities, Lyk wanted an ETL platform that was easy to use. Stitch was one of three candidates that he evaluated, focusing on integrations and price. "We needed data from Iterable and Stripe above all else, and the ability to use Google BigQuery as a data warehouse. Stitch ticked off all the boxes."

In the past, IMGE might have manually exported data from the sources in which it was stored, then loaded it into Excel for reporting. Now that Stitch is up and running, Lyk estimates IMGE has saved 30 to 50% of the hours they would have spent on that approach, and Lyk says, "As additional integrations become available, we'll look for new opportunities to use Stitch."

Stitch ticked off all the boxes.

Ryan Lyk

Vice President of Client Services

Digital media agency IMGE turns to Stitch for affordable, reliable ETL

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