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A digital marketing agency like Oodle needs a way to measure its results, but Partner and Chief Innovation Officer Ryan Hughes says the company was finding it painful to do a deep dive into their data.

"We had a complex mountain of Google Sheets that required a ton of manual work, and heaven help you if you accidentally dragged a cell out of place. You'd wind up looking at metrics that made no sense, and you'd have a load of cleanup work to do. Do that one time and you become super insecure about doing anything complicated."

Creating a Google BigQuery data warehouse gave Oodle's team a platform on which to play with data and dig as much as they liked without having to worry about corrupting the source data. To load the data from sources like Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and Bing Ads, the company purchased a BI platform that included ETL functionality. It didn't go well, Hughes says.

"Their sales game was top-notch, but about two months in we discovered the hard truth. Their closed source connectors weren't remotely kept up-to-date, and well-known and anticipated API changes from Facebook rendered the tool useless. Their support team was horrible and did nothing to solve the problem. It was a complete disaster and a waste of money."

That's when Oodle turned to Stitch. "Stitch was a nice, simple ETL solution for our needs. We were able to get pieces of what the other tool was trying to do back up and running in about an hour. That sold me on using Stitch.”

Documentation is extensive and makes it easy to understand why something works the way it does.

Ryan Hughes

Chief Innovation Officer

After being burned by bad BI, Oodle is saved by Stitch

"It's super easy to set up and start pulling data from a source to my warehouse. I never have to worry about whether my data is loading or not. I can see it in the logs, and Stitch will let me know if something goes wrong. Documentation is extensive and makes it easy to understand why something works the way it does."

Bottom line? "Stitch has been an awesome addition to our tool stack."

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