What if Stitch doesn't support my data source?

Stitch integrates with more than 90 data sources, and the number is growing all the time. But the number of technology marketing tools is growing even faster, so you may have data sources that we don't yet support.

You can request an integration on our website or within the Stitch platform. Customer feedback has a big influence on our roadmap.

Stitch is powered by Singer, an open source standard the company developed for writing scripts that move data. Singer makes it easy to extend Stitch to connect to any data source.

If you need a particular integration on a guaranteed timeline, there are three ways you can get it:

  • Stitch can build and support new, custom integrations for you. Ask a member of our sales team how we can help meet your organization's use case.
  • One of our partners can build it for you. A number of analytics consulting firms have experience developing Singer integrations, and they can help with analysis as well once they've built the integration to provision the data. A member of our sales team can introduce you.
  • You can build it yourself. Using Singer, you can build a new integration and run it from within Stitch or on hardware you manage. The Singer getting started guide walks you through the process.

Bottom line: Even if Stitch doesn't support a particular data source today, you have several options for adding that support. Talk to us to get started.

Image credit: Antti Lipponen