The Stitch 30: Fastest-growing cloud applications

Thousands of companies use Stitch to replicate data from more than 90 different applications, resulting in tens of thousands of connections. This gives us a unique view into the evolution of the software landscape.

Our customer base is not a completely random sample. These businesses are integrating data from disparate data sources into modern cloud data warehouses and data lakes to power their analytics. These data-driven companies are ahead of their peers, so our ranking is best thought of as a leading indicator of cloud application growth. Additionally, Stitch itself is growing quickly, which impacts the data.

We used the year over year growth in connections to each data source among our users as a proxy for growth. For applications Stitch has supported for less than a year, we looked at the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) based on the months for which we had data. Finally, we looked at the growth in data volume per connection as a proxy for the growth of the end users of each application.

Fastest-growing applications

Among applications whose integrations were available for all of 2018, these grew fastest over the prior year:

Rank Application Growth rate
1 Google Ads 453%
2 Google Cloud SQL 360%
3 Microsoft SQL Server 304%
4 Harvest 293%
5 Branch 261%
6 Quickbooks 260%
7 Shopify 245%
8 Zuora 225%
9 Freshdesk 211%
10 Jira 190%

Google Ads is a powerhouse — in addition to being the fastest-growing application, it's also our third-most popular overall. Google's ad revenue has been on a rocketship trajectory for more than a decade, and its use among Stitch customers is growing even faster.

Google also occupied the second fastest-growing spot with Cloud SQL. Google Cloud Platform is still a minority of Google's business and smaller than Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, but it's growing fast.

Several of the fastest growing companies had big financial and fundraising milestones in 2018. Branch and Freshworks, the company behind Freshdesk, both raised a large rounds of funding that valued the companies at over $1 billion. Shopify crossed the $1 billion revenue mark faster than any SaaS company ever, and Zuora went public in April.

The most impressive performance was by Harvest, the only private, self-funded company whose application is on our fastest-growing list.

Hottest new integrations

We released dozens of new integrations in 2018, and these got off to the fastest starts since launch:

Rank Integration CAGR
1 S3 91%
2 Yotpo 48%
3 Mailjet 40%
4 Campaign Monitor 38%
5 GitHub 29%
6 Bronto 28%
7 Heap 26%
8 Quick Base 12%
9 Particle 9%
10 Google Campaign Manager 4%

Amazon S3 tops our list, which is no surprise given the popularity of AWS. It's worth noting that this 91% growth is for S3 as a data source, not as a destination, in keeping with all of the other applications in this post. However, S3 grew even faster as a destination, with 14x year-over-year growth.

Email marketing applications Mailjet and Campaign Monitor took the third and fourth spots on this list with similar growth numbers. Campaign Monitor sent more than 3 million email campaigns on customers' behalf in 2018, and added live image editing capabilities to its email builder tool.

Heap last year cracked Search Engine Watch's list of top 10 tools for getting an insight into your website analytics, and announced a partnership with Snowflake as a destination for Heap Connect.

Fastest-growing customers

These applications are used by the fastest growing companies in our customer base. We used data volume per connection as a proxy for the growth of individual customers.

Here's an example: Let's assume the average HubSpot customer has increased the volume of data they are replicating from HubSpot by 80% year over year, and the average Marketo customer has increased data replicated from Marketo by 60%. We would infer that HubSpot customers are growing faster on average that Marketo customers.

This approach helps to normalize across different kinds of data sources that produce differing amounts of data and zeroes in on the rate of change.

Rank Application Increase vs. previous year
1 Vero 2,599%
2 Drip 604%
3 GitLab 338%
4 AppsFlyer 205%
5 Iterable 126%
6 Sendwithus 66%
7 SparkPost 45%
8 Microsoft Azure Database 44%
9 AfterShip 44%
10 Close 37%

Several of the applications with the fastest-growing customers are in related spaces, including Vero, Drip, Iterable, and Sendwithus. It's no surprise to see that next-generation tools driving more intelligent marketing and customer engagement have fast-growing customers.

Vero added workflows to its email messaging platform, and its how-to guides help users leverage data to grow faster. Drip introduced a Visual Email Builder in July, which coincided with the beginning of a big jump in growth in joint customers with Stitch. Iterable launched the next generation of their platform that leverages AI for better personalization

Developer collaboration company GitLab saw huge growth as a result of Microsoft's decision in June to buy rival GitHub. It shows up in the numbers that they shared publicly as well as usage among Stitch customers.

Mobile attribution vendor AppsFlyer surpassed $100 million in annual recurring revenue, and has been doubling in size each year.

The upshot

We saw growth across almost all of the applications with which we integrate. Our most successful customers are continually finding new ways add value to their customers and grow their business, and that means more data to analyze.

If you're not analyzing data from all of your data sources together in context, try Stitch for free to bring it all together into a data warehouse, and join the ranks of our rapidly growing customers.

Image credit: DaniRodriguesLS