Better together: a year of Stitch + Talend

Today's a special day in Stitch history. One year ago, Stitch joined Talend.

Like most unions, this one was ushered in with excitement, vows, and a little trepidation — according to Harvard Business Review, research puts the "failure rate of mergers and acquisitions somewhere between 70% and 90%." Now, a year on, we're pleased to report that the matchup was star-blessed.

In a blog post back in March, Stitch co-founder Jake Stein wrote, "Our long-term vision has been to expand with additional products and services to help realize that value. For a lot of reasons, the Talend acquisition was a win for the Stitch team, customers, and product, and the most important is that it accelerates the realization of that vision."

That was the plan. How are we doing 12 months down the road? Well, one of Stitch's values is "data wins," meaning we make decisions based on numbers, not gut feelings, so let's look at the data.

Stitch then, Stitch now

  • Number of database rows moved per quarter: up 67%
  • Number of Stitch users: up 82%
  • Number of integrations (now at 114): up 28%
  • Number of Stitch employees in Philly: up 67%

In the last year we added or overhauled 54 integrations, and now offer more than 110 data sources for Stitch users. Our list of cloud data warehouse destinations also expanded: Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse (this week renamed Azure Synapse) joined Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, Snowflake, and several other destinations.

We've almost doubled our number of clients year over year — more than 4,000 organizations trust Stitch to move their data — and we're replicating 50% more data for our clients than we were a year ago. In fact we celebrated our trillionth row of data replicated since Stitch launched just a little more than three years ago. Stitch is based on the Singer open source standard, which means both Stitch and community members can write integrations. The Singer community now boasts more than 1,400 members, and the number of Singer taps has grown year over year.

Since the acquisition we've introduced several new Stitch features, including an enterprise feature bundle that includes advanced scheduling, API key management, post-load webhooks, and notification extensibility, and "run now" and "stop extraction" functionality.

Companies like Heap, Peloton, Indiegogo, and Envoy have joined or grown their use of the platform.

When companies merge, one big concern is the impact on the team. We're happy to report that we've grown from 30 employees in our Philadelphia office a year ago to more than 50, with not much turnover.

All in all, we're doing a better job of fulfilling our mission to help organizations get value from their data. One year on, it seems as if joining Talend was one of the best things we could have done for Stitch and for our customers.

Looking ahead

So much for looking back. What do we see as we look forward?

On the people axis, we're continuing to hire. In particular, we plan to onboard more developers to enhance our core service. We have an ambitious development roadmap ahead of us and plenty of great enhancements in store.

In the next year you'll see increased integration between Stitch and Talend. Both our website and the app will take on more of a blue-green Talend look, and there will be more changes to give both Stitch and Talend users a better chance to leverage our whole suite of tools.

It all adds up to great things for our customers.

Thanks for coming with us on this journey. If you want to share your well-wishes, we welcome your comments. No anniversary gifts are necessary, but we'd be delighted if you'd celebrate by treating yourself to a new integration on your Stitch account.