Stitch provides free, easy-to-use Amazon Redshift with Panoply integration

Cloud data warehouses have made sophisticated analytics and business intelligence accessible for more companies than ever before. These tools make it easy and affordable to build a data infrastructure that was previously only accessible to large enterprises.

Stitch is focused on making it as fast and easy as possible to get all of your data into your warehouse. With that in mind, I’m excited to announce our integration and partnership with, which provides our customers with free, one-click access to a managed Redshift instance. Sign up here to get started.

How works’s mission is to automate your analytical infrastructure. Most significantly, in one click from inside of Stitch, you can provision a Redshift instance with — which is completely free for up to 10 million rows. In addition, automates routine data engineering tasks, including:

  • vacuuming

  • setting sortkeys and distkeys based on query performance

  • ensuring you are using the proper data types

  • partitioning your data warehouse for optimal performance

Stitch and

With our partnership, our customers can use their existing accounts or create new accounts directly from within Stitch. If you’re interested in trying it out, you can sign up now and use Stitch and Panoply for free in less than five minutes.