Stitch is a premier partner in new Snowflake Partner Connect

We're delighted to partner with Snowflake for the launch of Partner Connect. If you're setting up a Snowflake data warehouse, Partner Connect will help you get up and running faster than ever.

Starting today, when you sign up for and log in to Snowflake, you can click on the new Partner Connect tab and select Stitch to power your ETL. Partner Connect will create a free Stitch trial account and automatically configure and connect it with Snowflake. You can then load an unlimited amount of data during your free trial from any our more than 80 data sources.

Many of Stitch's most sophisticated customers have migrated to Snowflake from legacy data warehouses, and we're thrilled to see that trend accelerate. Snowflake's cloud-native architecture, independent scalability of storage and compute, and deep integration with Stitch's cloud ETL lets our customers provision a world-class data infrastructure in minutes.

To give Partner Connect a try, sign up for Snowflake. And of course you can specify Snowflake as a destination when you sign up for Stitch.