Stitch's philosophy on SaaS pricing

Pricing can be a tricky issue, especially for a SaaS platform in a competitive marketplace. You have many alternatives when selecting a data ingestion platform, so we try to make it easy for you to choose Stitch — and to stay with us once you've made that choice.

We offer three pricing tiers. At the base is a free plan: If you need to move smaller volumes of data, you can use Stitch without paying us — and hundreds of organizations do every month.

Flexible, transparent, and no demo required

Both our free plan and our standard plan are totally self-service. You never have to sit for a demo before you can access Stitch or talk with a member of our sales team — though they're nice people. The standard plan has several pricing levels, so you can scale up or down monthly as your needs change. And our pricing is transparent — we have it spelled out on the website in black and yellow, and everyone gets the same price, which we set based on data about our costs and the competitive marketplace. One of our corporate values is "data wins," and our pricing is an example of that policy in action.

Enterprise plans: going above and beyond

For customers who need something more, we have enterprise plans that we create individually for each customer, because everyone's needs differ. One enterprise-scale business may need very high data volumes; another may need Stitch to support custom integrations; a third may need HIPAA compliance. Our team works with you to assess your needs and deliver a plan within your budget. We view ourselves as partners, working together to fulfil your requirements.

Our relationship with our enterprise customers doesn't end when they sign up and begin replicating data. We're in regular touch throughout the year, and our customers work with their customer success manager to make sure they're getting as much value as possible from their data.

We're happy to report that our renewal rate is very high, and our customer satisfaction is higher than any other ETL tool, according to software comparison site G2.

Do the right thing: no nasty surprises

We provide that personal notice before autorenewals, even though renewal terms are outlined in the agreement, because another of our corporate values is "do the right thing." Hitting customers with a price increase two days before their renewal date would be underhanded and wrong.

We want to be the kind of organization you'll be happy to do business with year after year. If you haven't already tried Stitch, you can get started right now. If you want to learn more about how an enterprise plan can help your business, contact our sales team.

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