Links we liked this month: June 2018

We Stitches share links among ourselves to pages we think our colleagues will enjoy. We think some of you will enjoy reading these too.

Streaming changes in a database with Amazon Kinesis

This post on the AWS Database blog talks about how to integrate a central MySQL database with other systems by streaming its modifications through Amazon Kinesis. Since we recently began offering binary log-based incremental replication for MySQL to Stitch beta testers, this was a timely read for us.

The cult of the root cause

Author Donald Reinertsen says some folks suggest that when trying to solve a problem, you should ask "why" at least five times. That may not always yield the best results, he says; instead, "ask the question 'why,' but use the answers with care."

A female engineer's opinion on why fewer women go in to tech

Workforce diversity is something we at Stitch care a lot about, so we were interested in this post, whose author says, "As a woman who studied computer science, worked at some of the top tech firms, and has founded a software startup, I'd like to share my take on why fewer women go into CS and my opinion on how to address the issue."

Remote hiring

A comment on Hacker News from the founder of HashiCorp, makers of Terraform and other cool products, offers some interesting thoughts on hiring remote employees.

That time we rented a herd of goats for ivy removal

Finally, there's this fascinating story about a family that let some rental goats do their tough yard work for them. Many photos of goats (and their canine minder) included.

What interesting posts have caught your eye lately? Share them in a comment below.

Image credit: Erin Spain