Join us for Snowflake Data for Breakfast

Throughout March, Stitch and Talend will be participating in the Snowflake Data for Breakfast tour. We'd love to have you join us.

Snowflake is a cloud data warehouse — you can use Stitch to replicate data from more than 90 sources into Snowflake. This tour aims to show organizations how they can share and consume live data across teams, partners, and clouds.

Breakfast is the headline, and yes, we'll feed you, but the main attractions are even tastier. You'll hear from Snowflake about how to make your organization more data-driven. You'll hear from a Snowflake customer and their experiences. And you'll hear from us — Talend is presenting at the event in 11 cities, including Philadelphia, where attendees can hear from and meet Stitch co-founder Jake Stein. Each stop on the tour will have a joint demo presented by Stitch and Looker. After a Q&A panel with all the presenters, you'll have a chance to meet and compare notes with other attendees. You can then stay for a Zero to Snowflake workshop, where Snowflake will walk you through the technical process of getting started.

Here's the calendar of events. Click on a city to learn more and to register.

March 6: Salt Lake City
March 7: Nashville
March 7: Phoenix
March 12: Denver
March 13: Detroit
March 13: Philadelphia
March 14: Minneapolis
March 19: Calgary
March 20: Portland
March 26: Montreal
March 28: Oklahoma City