Introducing Stitch Webhooks

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of Stitch Webhooks, a configurable incoming webhook integration that replicates data from hundreds of webhook APIs directly to Stitch. Connect your company’s email service provider, shipment manager, NPS tool, and more. Additionally, we’ve added 15 new integrations to Stitch, powered by webhooks, as great examples of what you can sync across different types of applications: AfterShip, Contentful,, Delighted, Drip, Iterable, Mailjet,, SendGrid, Sendwithus, SparkPost, FormKeep, Vero, and Zapier.

Stitch customers can now connect webhook APIs to their data warehouse in minutes.

What are webhooks?

Webhooks are a way for one application to tell another when an event has happened. When you use webhooks, Stitch is notified by your data source as events happen, giving you low-latency incremental updates to your warehouse. And the best part is, you can integrate with a new webhook API without writing a line of code.

New integrations

Webhook support is common among applications and continues to grow. This Stitch Webhooks integration unlocks hundreds of new data sources, letting you begin syncing new data in a few simple steps. Things you can do with these new integrations include:

  • Analyze email activity with, Drip, Iterable, Mailjet, SendGrid, Sendwithus, SparkPost, and Vero

  • Gain deeper insight into product shipments with AfterShip

  • Evaluate customer feedback with Delighted

  • Find bottlenecks in your content workflow with events from Contentful

  • Add data warehousing to any Zapier workflow

Get started

To start syncing webhook data to your warehouse, sign up and start using the new integrations today.

Are you an application developer and want to see your app listed in Stitch? Reach out to We’d love to work with you.