Introducing Stitch Connect

We are excited to release Stitch Connect, a toolkit that allows developers to incorporate data integration into their applications.

Products get better when they incorporate context. The most important context often lives in users’ systems, which are accessible only if developers build and maintain integrations with external databases and APIs. Connect provides integrations to dozens of data sources, and provides scheduling, monitoring, exception handling, autoscaling, credential management, and alerting. Implementing Connect frees up developers’ time to focus on using data to make their products better, rather than collecting data.

One Stitch partner who has been working with Connect for several months says, “We’re focused on building the easiest-to-use and fastest-to-implement business intelligence solution in the market. In this journey, we’ve seen customers spend too much time managing their data pipeline while trying to build out their analytics infrastructure, and we wanted a way to help them solve that problem. Stitch Connect lets us give our users access to the data they care about in a single integrated experience, so they can easily connect to disparate cloud applications or databases and surface valuable insights in our analytics dashboard.”

Connect can be accessed directly via the API or using the JavaScript library. There’s no cost to implement Connect, and partners can optionally cover the cost of Stitch for their users.

We have a small group of partners live on Connect, and we’re excited to get more on board. To get started, fill out this form to get in touch and obtain API credentials.