How to get Stitch alerts via Slack

Stitch replicates data from dozens of sources and loads into data warehouses and data lakes. On a daily basis, we hit APIs and query databases that are hosted on every major public cloud, as well as on organizations’ on-premises infrastructure. Every so often, one or more of those services will have downtime, or the user that granted us access will lose authentication privileges. When those things happen, Stitch sends a notification email to let users know that there’s an issue.

Some organizations prefer a notification via a messaging platform rather than email. You can build that function pretty easily using an application integration service, such as Zapier, Workato, or IFTTT.

If you use Slack as your messaging platform, there’s an even easier way. To set it up, first create a new email address associated with your Stitch account that you’ll use just for alerting.

Now open Slack. Click the workspace name in the top left to open a menu, then choose Preferences, and then Messages & Media. Scroll down, then click Get a Forwarding Address. Slack will generate an email address; click Copy to save it to your clipboard.

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Final step: Go back to the email account you created and set the Slack-generated address as a forwarding address.

Now every time that email address gets a message — and that should be only when Stitch sends it an error — Slackbot will forward the alert to you.

Security-focused readers may see a drawback with this scheme. A malicious user who can access Slack but not Stitch could claim "forgot password," see the email in Slack, open the link, reset the password, and get access to Stitch, with potentially unpleasant results. Be warned.

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