How many software tools are there?

Stitch imports data from 75 different data sources. Singer has helped us more than double that number in the past year. That’s great growth, but is it enough?

Our customers and partners aren’t shy about asking us for what they need, and we’ve gotten requests for integrations to around 300 different databases, SaaS tools, ad networks, and more. The CIO of one of our publicly traded customers told me that they have more than 380 production SaaS applications.

Beyond the feedback we get from our customers, we know that the universe of potential integrations is expanding quickly. Scott Brinker’s Chief Marketing Technologist Blog took a look at the marketing technology landscape in 2011 and found 150 tools.

Marketing Technology Landscape 2011

The same survey in 2017 turned up more than 5,000 tools.

Marketing Technology Landscape 2017

Does the world need that many tools? That’s hard to say, but we think it’s a good thing that businesses have more options for products and services to help them grow and service their customers than ever before.

What does all this have to do with ETL? The proliferation of available tools has provided businesses with a torrent of potentially useful data. Unfortunately, that data is locked in individual silos. While each tool may provide an analytics dashboard, there’s no easy way to draw conclusions based on data from multiple sources.

That problem has driven increased demand for data warehouses — repositories of data from multiple sources. And that, in turn, has intensified the need for ETL services that pipe data from the thousands of individual applications to the columnar databases that businesses can use for analysis.

The rise in the number of businesses in this space goes hand in hand with the rise in the use of data warehouses and business analytics. Stitch is one of the (fewer than 5,000) cloud-native ETL platforms that provide a data pipeline from many of these SaaS solutions to any of several data warehouse platforms, including Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, Snowflake, and Postgres. Try Stitch for free.