Try out free historical data loads for new integrations

Stitch customers often want to export data from new sources and load it into their data warehouses. Some organizations are on tight budgets, however, and the volume of historical data from a new source might bump their usage up to uncomfortable levels.

We feel your pain, and today we're pleased to begin offering free historical data loads for new integrations.

Interested in trying out some new data sources that you haven't used before? Want to add another Facebook Ads or Google AdWords account and include historical data? Thinking about importing another data source with lots of historical data? You can do all of this without worrying about how all those new rows will affect your monthly quota.

Starting today, all new integrations will replicate seven days of unlimited data without impacting your monthly quota. After seven days we'll continue replicating new data, and any additional rows for these integrations will begin counting toward your monthly quota. If you're no longer interested in that new data source, be sure to pause or delete the integration.

Free historical data loads apply to all of our integrations, but if you're on the Free plan, you'll need to upgrade to a paid plan to use our paid integrations.