Free and paid data sources: What's the difference?

Stitch provides integrations with dozens of data sources, and the number is growing all the time. On our sources page, you'll notice that most of the integrations are labeled free (for example, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, and MySQL) but some are paid (Salesforce, HubSpot, Marketo) and a small number are enterprise (Db2, Oracle). What's that all about?

The answer is in our pricing plans, which come into effect after new users' 14-day free trial. We have a free plan that lets organizations load up to five million rows per month from all of our free integrations. Paying customers can use all sources labeled free and paid at no additional cost. And enterprise customers can use enterprise integrations, plus paid and free, with no additional per-integration cost.

Got it? Then sign up for a free trial. You can load an unlimited number of rows from free and paid sources for 14 days. And as you add integrations, keep in mind that we give users on all of our pricing plans seven days of unlimited data from each new source they add.