New Stitch features empower more flexible data pipelines

At Stitch, we're always looking for ways to make the ETL process easier and more powerful for businesses of all sizes, from small startups to sophisticated enterprises.

We're delighted to announce the launch of four new features to help you customize and control your ETL processes and improve your data workflow:

  • advanced scheduling
  • post-load webhooks
  • notification extensibility, and
  • API key management.

These new features are available to all customers on Stitch enterprise plans.

Control data extractions with advanced scheduling

Our customers have told us that they want fine-grained control over their data extraction so they can better match their data analytics cadence, so we've added a way for Stitch users to specify granular start times for extraction jobs via cron scheduling. You can use this advanced scheduling to manage data warehouse usage and Stitch row volumes.

As an example, say you wanted to kick off an extraction every morning at 6 a.m. in order to have data for a report refreshed by the time you got to the office at 9. Setting the schedule for your Stitch job is easy -— just specify a Quartz cron expression while configuring the data source:


Advanced scheduling is rolling out gradually across the more than 100 integrations Stitch supports. All of our database integrations and about half of our other integrations support cron scheduling today, and we'll be adding support for more data sources over the coming weeks.

Connect your workflow with post-load webhooks

Organizations looking to automate and extend their data loading process can now trigger events via post-load webhooks, which let you add downstream tasks to the loading processes via AWS Lambda, Zapier, or other tools upon the completion of Stitch loading jobs.

Post-load webhooks takes the "did my data finish loading?" guessing game out of the equation and lets you define your ETL cadence on your terms.

Stay informed with notification extensibility

Data engineers and their teams can now save time by integrating Stitch monitoring and notification with the system they use to monitor the rest of their infrastructure. Stitch can send status and error emails to notification services like PagerDuty or Datadog, allowing you to centralize monitoring and sleep more soundly. Check out our PagerDuty and Datadog integration guides for details.

Manage ETL programmatically with our API key management

Want programmatic control of Stitch, beyond what you get from our dashboard? You can configure Stitch directly with the Stitch API, and we've added new API key management features to make it easier to access the API. You can take programmatic control over your Stitch account for pipeline operations such as replication scheduling and table and column selection. For example, with the API you could create a preselected roster of fields and tables to replicate without selecting them one by one on the dashboard. If you have multiple integrations of the same data source, large numbers of tables, or multiple instances of sharded databases that get created regularly, you can save valuable time by using the Stitch API to handle operations that would take longer in the UI.

Get started today

All of these features, along with unlimited data replication, are available to new users during their 14-day free trial period. After the trial, these features are available with a Stitch enterprise plan. If you're interested in one or more of these features, or want to learn more about the other advantages of Stitch for the enterprise, get in touch.