We’re eliminating overages and introducing new pricing

We're excited to announce new Stitch pricing that addresses common feedback we've received from our customers.

If you're currently a Stitch customer, you can remain on your existing plan for up to six months. However, we expect that most of our customers will want to change sooner than that, because our new pricing eliminates overage fees. This removes uncertainty around the monthly bill for Stitch, and we're confident it will be a big win for everyone who uses Stitch.

We previously introduced overages to allow for a gradual shift from one plan to another, and our new plans solve for that with a larger number of options separated by smaller gaps.

Our new pricing plans are available today. All of the plans include access to all of our paid integrations (like Salesforce, MongoDB, and Xero), live chat support with our amazing support team, and seven days of free replication for each integration added. And as before, we'll give you a two-month discount for choosing an Annual plan.

You can still use Stitch for free for up to 5 million rows a month using any of the integrations labeled as free on our Sources page.

If you're not yet using Stitch, sign up today and give it a try.

Image credit: Colin Woodcock